A Look Into The Various Types Of Hydraulic Press Machines

by Reece

Hydraulic presses have existed for several decades. The first hydraulic press was established at around the same time as the steel or metallic era. Currently, there are several hydraulic press machine factories in different parts of the world. The factories manufacture various types of hydraulic presses. This post gives insight into the primary types of hydraulic press machines.

Types of hydraulic press machines

The market features a wide range of hydraulic press machines. The following are some of the primary types of hydraulic machines that you should know about;

1. Four-column hydraulic presses

Four-column hydraulic presses are designed with a hydraulic cylinder attached to the top plate, also known as the slide. These machines also come with four columns situated at the side plate corners. This positioning is intentional to ensure that the side plate and bolster plate are constantly parallel. The columns also ensure that the parallel positioning is maintained even when extra working pressure is exerted on the side plate. It is worth mentioning that these hydraulic presses can be divided further into three, depending on the number of beams (2, 3, and four beams).

2. Single-column hydraulic presses

Also known as C-type, single-column hydraulic presses feature an extendable working range. This means that you can lengthen the hydraulic cylinder strokes. They feature three-sided spaces with a retractability rate of between 260 to 800mm. However, this is not the case with all C-type hydraulic presses. With these hydraulic presses, you can preset the working pressure. Here, you will need a heat abstractor device.

3. Two-pillar hydraulic presses

These hydraulic presses are suitable for tasks like flanging, light stretching, bending, shaping, and punching, to name a few. They are also suitable for a variety of materials like plastic, metal, and metal powder. Two-pillar hydraulic presses adopt electric control. This helps eliminate various issues like pressure delay. The machines also have incredible sliding block direction, and they are easy to maintain and operate. It is also worth mentioning that these hydraulic press machines are economically durable.

These machines can be divided into further subcategories. The types of two-pillar hydraulic presses are based on pressure transferring liquid applied and the application. For instance, some machines use oil and others use water,

4. Horizontal hydraulic presses

These machines are unique from the rest because they can be assembled, disassembled, bent, and punched, among other alterations. This means that the machines can be used for a wide range of purposes (multi-purpose). The working tables on these hydraulic presses can also move up and down. This helps to expand the opening and closing heights of the presses. This element makes them convenient to use.

Other types

The types of hydraulic presses listed above are the most popular ones. However, there are a few less popular types on the market. They are;

  • Vertical frame hydraulic presses
  • Universal hydraulic presses


Note that the various types of hydraulic presses also come in varying designs. This depends on the manufacturer and the applications of the presses. When choosing the best hydraulic press, the first thing you must consider is the application and functionality of the machine.

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