CNC Machine Shops’ Definitive Guide

by Reece

What are CNC Machine shops?

If you look around you, you will notice that almost everything has metal or plastic in it. A CNC machine shop is basically where these metal parts are cut and made. However, you should get that regular shop image on your mind out since these rooms are filled with large computers that perform all the work. Imagine the idea of a room with a computer that is extremely huge, yet you are reading this through your small laptop or mobile phone. The manufacturing industry has revolutionized and CNC machining is one of the results. The current CNC market is highly competitive and survival is guaranteed to those that provide quality parts.

Equipment you will find in a CNC machine shop

A shop usually has several types of equipment that serve different purposes. Here are some of them;

  • Milling Machine. A mil machine uses rotating cutters to remove materials and does not have a CNC control system. The machine is handled by a machinist whom you give your drawings and cut out the parts for you.
  • Machine center. A machining center is a milling machine that is rather complex. A machining center uses a CN program to make complex in large quantities. One machine can have several axes which mean more final products.
  • A lathe rotates the working piece as the cutters do their work. A lathe is run by a computer program.
  • Grinding Machine. A grinding machine uses abrasive wheels to shave off small parts of the workpiece. This smoothens the metal piece with a surface resembling a mirror. This work takes up a lot of time and is costly since we are working with high precision parts.
  • Drill press. The drill press is one of the simplest machines you will find in a CNC machine shop. A drill press is handled by levers and is better than handled drills since it is more stable. It can be used for other purposes other than drilling holes.
  • The bandsaw is used for cutting long metal bars into smaller bars before machining starts. It can also be used to cut sections of unwanted material on a workpiece.
  • 3D Scanner. It is used to capture the 3D model of a piece and can take up to 5 minutes.

Selecting the right machine shop

The need to have the best CNC machine shop is unanimous. Quality shops ensure that the final product meets the required parameter to function. Choosing the best shop can be daunting since you have a bunch of options that all look fantastic. So what should I look for in the CNC machine shop?

  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Confidentiality
  • Competitive prices

Those are some of the attributes you should look for when choosing the best CNC machine shops for your products.

Machine shop safety

Operating such machinery requires personnel with experience and cautions since a lot of harm can be caused by accidents. Here are some rules you should follow when inside a VNC machine shop:

  • All exits should be marked
  • Always wear safety glasses and appropriate clothing
  • Keep the shop clean
  • Avoid distractions

CNC machine shops in simple terms are where metal is cut. The process here is a bit more complex and uses computers to carry out actions. Always take caution when you are inside a machine shop and never operate a machine if you do not have experience.

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