Four Characteristics of a gasket tape

by Reece

Gasket tapes have been used for a long time in manufacturing to ensure that open and uneven surfaces stay sealed up to ensure they function well. Getting the right gasket will go a long way in ensuring that your system works as it is supposed to without any leakages. If you have never bought gasket tape before, then chances are you do not know which Teflex Multidirectional Expanded PTFE Gasket Tape will work for you. Here are some qualities you should look at that will guide you in your choice.

1. Compressibility

Sealant or gasket, as it is known industrially, is meant to fit into small spaces. It, therefore, makes sense if you were to get gasket tape that can fit into the small space and tightly go around the area that needs sealing. Without this compressible nature, the seal will only go over the top, and some places will stay open, which will not work for you or your company. There are various materials used to make gasket tape, so do your research on which one has the highest compression level and use that for you. It will go a long way in ensuring you get something that works.

2. Reactivity

The sealant will come into contact with many fluids that are either too hot or very corrosive. It will go to great lengths to ensure that the sealant not only works but that there is no reaction with the fluid passing through. If you have a gasket tape that reacts to everything very fast, you will have to keep replacing it, costing you a lot of money. It, therefore, makes sense if you get gasket tape that does not react to everything easily.

3. Temperature resistance

Some of the fluids passing through do so at either very high or very low temperatures. Getting a gasket that still works in all these temperatures is great, especially if you work with such temperatures. The gasket will stay in place and not disintegrate even if there is a temperature change. A good gasket should not expand and contract when it comes to contact with these extreme temperatures in the fluids. Such a gasket can get off the areas they have sealed and lead to leaking in the pipes, which is not good. Ask to know how much they expand and contract before you get them.

4. Be great insulators

Another important thing you need to look at when you are getting your gasket tape is whether or not they can be used as insulators. A good gasket tape should not conduct heat or electricity. A great insulating gasket tape can come in handy, especially if the area you are planning on using it on either gets high heat or has electric currents passing through. The gasket will seal all that in and ensure no accidents happen should anyone come into contact with the sealed area.

Last thoughts

The best gasket tape is one that not only works but works well. The only way you can tell how well a gasket tape works is by looking at its properties. The properties listed above will go a long way in helping you choose the best gasket tape for your needs.

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