What are Printed Circuit Boards used for?

by Reece

Electronic devices play an integral part in our everyday lives, from mobile phones and kitchen appliances to security devices. And at the heart of those electronics lie PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards.

There are various PCBs, and they can either be single-sided, double-sided, or multi-sided layers. The manufacturing process of assembling a PCB is known as PCB assembly or PCBA.

With PCBs being used by manufacturers in so many sections, worldwide, here is a list of some typical applications of PCBs in our society today.

  1. Retail industry:

From digital cameras to freezer monitors, many organizations in the retail industry rely on PCBs for the smooth running of activities for optimal efficiency and maximum profit. They make operations faster, and without them, you might spend a lot of time in queues and experience delays, which will eventually result in frustration and dissatisfaction.

  1. Residential lightning:

PCBs are used to power bulbs used in residential homes. The bulbs give light which illuminates the house at night and makes it easy to walk around without stumbling. It is also used to keep intruders away.

  1. Telecommunications:

PCBs are used in manufacturing telecommunication devices that make communication more accessible, such as smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, etc. They can be employed in the broadcasting sector in frequency boards, microphones, booster stations, etc.

  1. Security and safety equipment:

It is essential to keep our homes and properties safe from intruders. PCBs are the foundation of motion sensors, security cameras, electronic door locks, and smoke detectors. PCBs used in security must be kept in good working condition, operational and practical while in use.

  1. Automobiles:

PCBs have long been used in making automotive components. They are even more in use now with the advanced features introduced in the automobile industry to make driving faster, easier, and safer.

You can find PCBs in automotive components such as; stereos, navigation systems, control systems, sensors used to warn drivers of incoming objects and enable automatic parallel parking.

  1. Aerospace components:

Aerospace equipment like planes, space shuttles, satellites all use PCBs. The materials used in manufacturing PCBs in aerospace must withstand high amounts of vibration, harsh and unpleasant weather, and rough handling. They are made from durable and lightweight materials like aluminum and anodized aluminum, which helps to improve oxidation resistance.

They are also used in communication equipment in airports for ground control to regulate landings and take-offs.

  1. Industrial equipment:

PCBs are widely used in industrial facilities for various uses. Most of the equipment in manufacturing centers is powered by electrical components. The PCBs used must be resistant to rough handling, be durable, and resistant to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures.

They are used in equipment that power drills, power inverters, etc.

Devices that measure and control the temperature in the manufacturing industry also have PCBs in them.


It has been established that PCBs play crucial roles in facilitating our daily lives and activities. Some of those roles have been discussed in this article.

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